Testing the highest-quality full-suspension fat-tire electric bike I’ve ever tried

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Testing the highest-quality full-suspension fat-tire electric bike I’ve ever tried

Testing the highest-quality full-suspension fat-tire electric bike I’ve ever tried

The FREY CC Fat is the latest evolution of FREY Bike’s popular CC model. What started out as a full-suspension commuter bike gained fat tires earlier this year to turn into a dual-use commuter and trail bike. But this is no ordinary full-suspension fat-tire bike. Instead, it comes loaded with high-quality parts and a ridiculously powerful motor.To get more news about full suspension electric mountain bike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

We’ve seen plenty of fat-tire full-suspension e-bikes before. They’re usually in the $2,500–$3,500 range, though we’ve been lucky to see a few budget options slip under the $2K mark.The FREY CC Fat is nothing like those other e-bikes. And the price reflects that. Coming in at just under $4,500 at its current sale price, the FREY CC Fat is a high-end e-bike that brings comfort riding to the trails with the proper parts to match.

Take a look at my video review below to see what this e-bike can do on and off the dirt. Then keep reading for my in-depth written review.FREY’s reputation precedes it, with the brand being known for building quality full-suspension electric bikes that rival those from big name companies, yet at half the price.To get more news about electric bike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

There are two main differences though. Despite FREY bikes using many of the same components, they’re made at the company’s factory in Jinhua, China, instead of at some European facility. And they’re much, much more powerful. I toured FREY’s factory in 2019, shortly before China closed off to outsiders. There I was able to test many of the company’s models including the recently released original version of the FREY CC. These guys know how to build top-notch e-bikes, so don’t think you’re getting something second-rate here.
The second difference between FREY’s e-bikes and their high-quality European counterparts is that FREY’s models are much, much more powerful.

They use Bafang M620 mid-drive motors, which are rated at 1,000W continuous power but actually peak closer to 1,500W of power.

That means that the bikes can climb like a billy goat. When they aren’t using that incredible power and torque (peaking at 160 Nm) for climbing, they’re using it to go fast. I’ve hit as much as 36 mph (59 km/h) with this motor, though the bikes come limited to street-legal settings that can be modified in the color LCD display.

The mid-drive motor with its torque sensor makes for a great pedaling experience, which isn’t the case on many fat-tire e-bikes that are basically light electric motorcycles with pedals. You can actually have a great experience pedaling the FREY CC Fat, making it both a powerful e-bike for ripping around on trails and a good exercise/fitness e-bike when you want to take it slower and keep it in a low-power mode.
As a commuter bike, the FREY CC Fat’s fast top speed on throttle or pedal assist is a big part of its safety, meaning you can take the lane and keep up with city traffic.

When you’re on the trails, the power helps overcome obstacles and climb steep terrain. I rarely get going much faster than 25 mph (40 km/h) or so off-road on the Frey CC Fat simply because it’s hard to get going that fast on rough, twisty terrain. The few times I can find a straight stretch of trail to do it sure results in a fun ride, but you also have to be mindful of whether you’re sharing the trails with other people, especially on multi-use trails.
The high-end RockShox suspension comes into play when you do take the bike up to higher speeds and hit obstacles like roots and pot holes. Between the fat tires and the full-suspension, you’re going to be able to hit rougher trails and roads at higher speeds than you could on other e-bikes.

And the suspension is also a big part of the bike’s comfort, though that’s also due to the geometry. Because the FREY CC was originally designed for commuting, it’s a much more upright ride than FREY’s more mountain-focused e-bikes. I actually prefer a more upright ride and so the FREY CC Fat feels like a nice compromise to me. It’s upright enough to enjoy it recreationally but still gives you good control when you do hit the trails.