My Crowdpoint Journey

My Crowdpoint Journey and how it changed my life

The world doesn't belong to leaders, the world belongs to all humanity.

These words written by Dalai Lama opened my mind to something great, to something divine that comes up once in a lifetime.
To say "I am part of a project that is going to change the world" sounds maybe a bit cheesy for the era we are living in today but I am about to reveal a secret for you.
This project exists and its called Crowd Point Technologies ,a project that supports the crowd, supports us, the humanity as a whole, because this world is not just for the leaders, it is for all of us.
Recently i had a very dark period feeling empty and low and I know more and more people are going or went through something similar. But when you feel hopeless and powerless, that is when the universe switches the key and opens doors for you, doors with light and goodness because the good still exists.
Everything felt like a big hand that came to lift me up and show me that there is still hope and that I'm not too small, that no one is too small to change the world, to make it better and here I am together with 1000 wonderful people that suffered, that had hard times and that learned how to be grateful and how to help others.
We have big plans, you can be part of them because together we are The Power of The Crowd!
Through blockchain technology, a brand new decentralized marketplace has opened where your information is kept secure and private while purchasing top of the line products and returning true capitalism back to the people where it belongs.

The seed of goodness is found in the soil of the appreciation. Dalai Lama

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