Best Water Based Lube For Men

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Water based lubricants are the best water based lube for couples engaged in sexual intercourse.

This lubricant is not only safe to use it is also used in various sexual health centers for enhancement of the sexual experience. It serves multiple purposes in the bedroom.

It reduces the risk of tearing while making love. It prolongs the time of penetration and arousal, making it more enjoyable for both the partners. It prevents the discomfort and irritation that may happen due to dryness or sensitivity during sexual activity.

Most women prefer water-based lubes because they feel more comfortable and secure while using it. There is absolutely no danger of skin irritation. They are 100 percent safe to be used with condoms and other lubricants.

Moreover, they do not leave any leftover residue that causes harm to the female reproductive health. If you are looking for water based lube near me then The Lube Cleanser is the best choice for you. It is located at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

There is no doubting the fact that a good and hygienic water-based lube makes the vagina more slippery and smooth to insert and slide into the vagina during lovemaking act. Therefore, it prevents unwanted tearing and ripping off of condoms during penetration.

Water lubes also help in restoring the pH balance of the vagina which is usually disrupted during sexual excitement leading to painful penetration for both the partners. Also, the fda has strictly stated that they do not contain any synthetic chemicals, so using this lubricant increases the safety and benefits of sexual intercourse.

Most lubes contain different types of chemicals and other ingredients. These ingredients may have different compatibility and negative effects on different people. Some chemicals such as the saccharin can have severe adverse effects and should be avoided.

The best lubes do not contain any artificial sweeteners, colorants or perfumes. The list of ingredients includes only those which are necessary to promote health and fertility and do not cause any harm to the body. Some of the most common ingredients are Vitamin E, Capuacu butter, glycerin, essential oils, resveratrol and propylene glycol. You can find out different types of lube on our website.

As many people are aware, the best water based lube for sex is very slippery and lubricated. It helps greatly in increasing the lubrication and pleasure during sexual intercourse. Some water based lubricants come with added benefits of containing antioxidants and anti bacterial ingredients which kills the harmful bacteria and fungi causing vaginal infections.

This kind of lubricant is ideal for use during oral sex on both men and women. Moreover, it makes the penis of the male much thicker and harder due to increased blood flow that results from increased lubrication.

It helps in achieving more intense orgasms and gives you better control over your erections. The best lube for anal sex should always contain the essential oils which lubricate the skin and increase sensation to your lover's anus and vagina.

Some of the best oils that you can use are tea tree oil, peach, apricot and coconut oil. All these oils when added together provide a long lasting lubricant and lubricates perfectly when used during anal sex. These lubricants also have antibacterial properties that fight against unwanted bacteria and fungi that causes infections and are therefore perfect for anal sex.

Using water based lubes ensures that the condoms do not wear out too quickly and offer a longer time to your lovers and partners. You can prolong the life of your condoms by using lubes that do not contain chemicals that can destroy latex. When choosing the best condom lubricant, you should check whether the lube contains ingredients that increase the flow of blood faster. This way, you will be able to enjoy a prolonged time in making love and satisfying your partners.

Choosing the best water based lube requires that you pay attention to certain details that may seem trivial but are actually important like choosing ingredients and proper amount to use. The water content of the lubricant is crucial since the thicker the content, the thicker the lube and hence, providing a better sensation to your partner's buttocks and vaginal areas.

The ingredients that should not be included in water based lubricants are those that contain petroleum, alcohol or paraben. They will only waste your money and your time because they will not provide the right sensation and result for you. Other important ingredients to look out for are oatstraw, yeast, grapefruit seed extract and coconut oil.