Reasons why using a facial device

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What are some of the reasons why using a facial device is not effective?

What are some of the reasons why using a facial device is not effective? How can I choose a facial device that will give me the best results? If you are wondering, "Why don't facial products work?

In this article, I'll explain the causes of ineffective facial appliances, how to choose an effective facial appliance, and how to use a facial appliance to increase its effectiveness.

Finally, I'll also recommend some facial equipment. If you don't know what to choose, please refer to this article.

Do facial toners work?

You can often feel the effects of facial equipment in the early stages. However, it can be counterproductive if used incorrectly, so be careful.

It is important to follow the directions and frequency of use indicated by the manufacturer. Excessive use or use on prohibited areas can lead to skin problems. By following the instructions and using the product correctly, you will be able to feel the effects.

Causes of ineffective use of facial equipment

Why is it so hard to see the results of using a facial toner? Here are some reasons.

Each facial device has different functions.

If you buy a facial device that does not match the problem you want to solve, you will not be able to experience the desired results.

For example, if you want to improve the sagging of your facial lines, you need to choose a facial device that has functions such as EMS and RF waves that have a lifting effect.

EMS uses weak electricity to directly stimulate the muscles, while RF waves use high electromagnetic waves to promote blood flow in the body, which is effective in improving sagging.

When purchasing a facial device, it is important to choose based on the functions that the product has. A multifunctional facial device that combines various functions is suitable for those who want to take care of their skin efficiently.

Incorrect frequency of use
If you use your facial device more or less often than the prescribed frequency, you will not get the best results.

Use your facial device according to the frequency and method of use as stated in the instruction manual.

The recommended frequency of use varies from product to product, but it is generally two to three times a week.

Be careful not to overdo it just because you want to see the results as soon as possible, as this will have the opposite effect.

Use of inappropriate gel for your problem
The basic rule is to use a gel when using a facial device, but there is a possibility that you are using a gel that contains ingredients that do not match your problem.

For example, if you want to get rid of blemishes, but you choose a gel that does not contain whitening ingredients, your blemishes will not improve at all.

In order to get the most out of your facial device, choose a gel that has the right effect for your problem.

It is also a good idea to pay attention to whether or not the product is suitable for your skin, such as those that contain additives or are highly irritating.

No gels
If you do not use a gel when using a facial device, there is a risk of over-stimulating your skin.

When using a facial care device, make sure to use it with gel. If the skin is dry, stimulation by the facial device can lead to skin problems.

It is also important to use the gel in the correct amount as stated in the instruction manual. There are some manufacturers and brands that sell special gels that come in a set with their facial equipment.

If you don't know how to choose a gel, choose a product that comes with a special gel.

Not being able to continue
In order to see the results of your facial tool, you need to use it continuously. If you don't use your facial device continuously, you won't see any results.

If you are a frequent traveler or business traveler, you may want to check the basic specifications of the device before purchasing it to avoid situations such as "the size is too small to use" or "it is inconvenient to use the device while it is charging.

If you often travel or go on business trips, we recommend a compact size product that is easy to carry around. If you want to use it in the bath, choose a facial device that is waterproof.