2K21 player ratings have changed after the NBA Finals

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The much-anticipated NBA Finals came to an end some time ago. Before the start of the deciding game, although many people know that the final championship should be the Los Angeles Lakers, they still hope that the Miami Heat can get back a game to make the game more beautiful and suspenseful. Although the Heat ultimately failed to complete the goal, fans have to admit that the Heat’s players did bring a lot of resistance to the Lakers’ championship. 2K players also responded by using their NBA 2K21 MT to buy many players who performed well in the finals.

Take LeBron James, who won the Finals FMVP. For example, he leads all players with an overall score of 98 points. The highest player rating for the next-generation version of NBA 2K21 release last Thursday, and, as most players expected, the star LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers won the game’s highest rating. This is the eighth time in his career that he has scored 98 points or higher in the 2K series of games.

James just won the fourth Finals MVP in the game leading the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. Even at 35, he still played the best basketball of his career and averaged 29.8 points per game in the NBA Finals. In the player roster announced by 2K last Thursday, players can see the respective ratings of those super players in the league. The weakest is Trae Young from the Atlanta Hawks with a total score of 88 points, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the strongest player except LeBron James, who has a total score of 97. As NBA 2K21 will release on next-generation consoles on the 10th of next month, it is expected that it will announce more ratings in the coming weeks.

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