About Skreebee
An online community of real people sharing real moments, real experiences and real thoughts.

About Us

We are an online community network of real people sharing real moments, real experiences and meaningful thought without the big tech censorship. WorldChat was born as a direct result of freedom of speech censorship. In 2018 there was a significant shift in the social media space, creating a gap between what people wanted and what was available to them at the time. People were looking for the development of a social media platform that is fair, user driven, with a focus on truly connecting people together and allowing them to share special moments in their life and have a space where speech is protected. WorldChat has bridged that gap creating a space for serious people who want to connect with other people of similar interest or of differing ideas coming together building a community that promotes a positive and safe space for everyone.

WorldChat is not a right wing, left wing political platform. WorldChat is a social media space for everyone, we strive our very best to bring people a useful all around social media network, focused on meeting user needs. We are a one-stop shop that allows people the opportunity to use one platform to communicate in a variety of ways to different types of audiences. The old days have passed where you were sharing the same content across 3 different platforms, with WorldChat you can do all that in one awesome package and a lot more with many other unique features coming in the near future.


To play a critical role in the social media space by offering people, groups and companies a better choice in the technology that allows them to communicate with their respective audiences.


To be a world leader provider in the technology that brings people together by making a difference in the lives of people who use our services.