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Looking for slides to digital Vancouver

Looking for slides to digital Vancouver service? Look no further than Transfer to Digital. We're ready to move your photo archive into the twenty-first century. In the 1950s and 1960s, slides were the preferred photo storage media, but now just a few people have projectors capable of viewing them. In the 1980s, hard copy images surpassed slides in popularity, and they are now commonly collected and displayed in family photo books, although they have faded and discolored over the decades since they were printed. Many photographs never made it off the negatives they were shot on, and have remained undiscovered since the day they were taken. With the internet connecting the world, it's more important than ever to have your beloved photographs in digital format so you can simply share them with family and friends. We have several scanners that can convert your photos, slides, and negatives into easily shared digital files, often improving their quality by correcting color shifts and fading that occur over time, as well as safeguarding them from further deterioration. We pick up your collection in person from your home or company and transport it to our safe facility.

For more info:-https://transfertodigital.ca/t....ransfer-services/sli