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Indian need to scrutinize leadership structures. Instead of a one-man (or woman) show, credible NGOs have boards comprised of all stakeholders donors, government representatives, and targeted beneficiaries – separate from the management. This fosters transparency by providing a system of checks and balances.

Many NGOs in Sirsa, Haryana seem to work in isolation even as they address similar challenges. For instance, almost all NGOs in the region have HIV/AIDs programs. Most also implement water projects. If the NGOs took a coordinated approach they could compensate for shortcomings and avoid duplicating efforts.

NGO In Sirsa, Haryana - 113+ NGO's List - NGO4YOU

NGO In Sirsa, Haryana - 113+ NGO's List - NGO4YOU

Find the most comprehensive list of NGO in Sirsa, situated in Haryana. Sirsa has a 1295114 population and an area of 4276 km², There are more than 108+