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Looking for Holistic wellness coach

If you’re looking for a holistic wellness coach, then Your Guided Health Journey will be your first choice. For busy professionals, we specialize in mental wellness and life-work balance. For effective behavior changes, we combine well-being concepts with neuroscience, positive thinking, biohacking, and mindfulness practices. We motivate and assist busy professionals in living a healthier lifestyle, rediscovering themselves and their lives, and maximizing their abilities and skills in the workplace. Unlike fitness trainers who assist you meet specific exercise objectives or nutritionists who advise you on appropriate eating habits, our wellness coach takes a more comprehensive approach to healthy living. We address various aspects of our clients' lives that may be contributing to their unhealthy lifestyle in addition to fitness and nutrition. Stress and worry, as well as time management and procrastination, are all examples of this. We must first determine a client's strengths and limitations before we can help them accomplish their fitness goals. Adapting workouts and therapeutic activities to help an individual recover from injuries, major surgery, and even childbirth would be a specialty in this area of holistic coaching. For more Info:-https://www.zipleaf.ca/Compani....es/Your-Guided-Healt