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telegram members

is there a possibility for foreign channels to be increased ?
yes , it is possible for foreign visitors to increase their numbers , but if a true customer or marketer chooses to use the countries of russia , uzbekistan and their allies , and some of the other genuine states , but because of the fact that there are limits to iranian non - iranians , it will be faster than iranian counterparts .
what is the actual capacity of the telegram for foreign channels ?
the capacity of any foreign channel to obtain actual cables from the channel to the actual user is the true user . there must be a hundred percent true . as a result , its failure is relatively high .
for example , assume that a female garment shop channel will buy genuine wire , and it is randomly feasible to receive an audience in that channel , including old gentlemen , children , or people who have nothing to do with the channel . then , naturally , after observation of the canal . and it 's perfectly normal .