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increasing the true value of the channel by means of deconvolution
the procedure begins with the use of la push . push - push are promotional messages that can be performed on mobile phones . there are many different programs capable of transmitting the ads .
even when the individual is not present in these programs and in another plane , these messages appear . push - push is used to advertise the products , sites and channels , and the person can join the channel by clicking on these ads .
pros and cons of buying and selling
since this method is the same as the first method , it is impossible to shed light on it . choosing and opting for the full choice of your channel will obviously have a minority . they visited your channel and then decided to join .
of course , as it is said , you will need to be able to maintain your goals by placing good content and deterrence . your increase depends on how unique your client is and you will be able to purchase your channel by ensuring our team , fully real and iranian users .