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fick 's diffusion equation
the other methods that have been proposed so far were to increase the accuracy of the true telegram . but there is another way in which you are dealing with non - real feelings . some of these methods increase the number of posts and also increase the number of posts . " " " " "
drying technol .
this method is applied to reduce cost and cost . because there 's no propaganda . people who buy cheap prices often use this way .
in this way , only a few virtual accounts are added to your channel with names like and without profiles . identify your channel required revenues . if you only need to increase your numbers and make sure you 're looking for an increase in the actual contents of the material , you can use the fick 's buying approach .
consumer purchase disadvantages
naturally , these are fick 's law , and the real people are not the owner . therefore , it is recommended to use different methods to purchase coupons . of course , it is still about the use of many channels and still not blocked by the telegram .