League of Legends Champions for Beginners 2020

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League of Legends Champions for Beginners 2020

League of Legends attracts players from all over the world. Before you become a member of this international family, the first decision to make is to select a champion to play with. It sounds a bit confusing for a begin LoL Account , as there is a wide range of champions to choose from.


As one of the most iconic champions in LoL, Ashe definitely deserves a solid spot on this list thanks to her incredibly simple playstyle and powerful kit.

What she lacks in the defense department she more than makes up for with her long range and several utility abilities in her kit.

With her Q active, her autos slow enemies, while W is a super-simple cone-shaped skill shot that applies more slowing CC.

Her ultimate is a global arrow that can be fired across the map, and if you should land a hit on an enemy champion, they will be temporarily stunned.

Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Heal are the safest spells because of Ashe’s limited mobility and squishiness as a champion, but Ghost, Cleanse, and Barrier can work situationally.

Recommend Runes: Precision is most common for Ashe’s primary rune, using Lethal Tempo or Fleet Footwork for her keystone rune and Inspiration to pick up free boots. Ashe takes Attack Speed in Offense, Adaptive Force in Flex, and Armor in Defense.

Recommended Item Build: Blade of the Ruined King Berserker’s Greaves Runaan’s Hurricane Infinity Edge Guardian Angel Mortal Reminder


Given her mechanical simplicity, approachable kit, and incredible damage-potential, Annie is one of the best champions for just about any demographic of players.

The only tricky part of her kit revolves around utilizing her passive properly. Pyromania allows Annie to stun an enemy with one of her abilities, on every fourth ability she casts.

This gives her fantastic initiation ability, along with superb crowd control. Especially when coupled with her R, Tibbers, which deals constant damage until its timer is out or it's killed. And did we mention that Tibbers is also player-controllable?

On the other hand, Annie's Q has a huge range, tiny cooldown, and refunds the mana used if you kill the target - making it fantastic for farming minions in lane.

Lastly, her W is a damaging cone of fire, with her E being a nifty shield that she can use to keep herself safe in a fight and mitigate a bit of incoming damage.

Here's a tip - save your stun for Annie's Q, Disintegrate. Unlike her other abilities, her Q can't be dodged since it's targeted. Combo this with her ultimate and top it off with a nice W cast as he lands for some very big damage.

Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite are great for engaging and bursting out an enemy champion. Taking teleport is also a great way to get around the map and help your teammates in fights.

Recommended Runes: Domination primary adds to Annie’s burst potential by taking the Electrocute keystone rune or Predator to help get in range of enemies. Sorcery secondary gives her bonus movement speed and extra burst with Scorch. Annie takes Adaptive Force in both Offense and Flex. She takes Armor or Magic Resist in Defense, depending on her lane opponent.

Recommended Item Build: Luden’s Echo Sorcerer’s Shoes Morellonomicon Rabadon’s Deathcap Zhonya’s Hourglass Void Staff


Garen’s two main abilities - passive healing, together with burst damage – provide him with great survivability. He has a good AoE for a top-laner. Try his Judgment [E] that will deal damage to all of the enemies within range. He is a good finisher: press [R] to deal the final blow to a foe, whose health is low.

Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite shows the best potential. The latter is aimed at killing the enemies, by dealing true damage and reducing target healing.

Recommended Runes: Precision featuring Conqueror is a primary choice for Garen. Resolve, being secondary, improves the survivability when he is in a lane or team fights.

Recommended Item Build: Trinity Force – Statikk Shiv – Dead Man’s Plate.

Master YI

His high mobility and damage give an advantage over enemies. His low health can be compensated by the Meditate feature [W]: it heals Master YI and reduces damage. You can improve an offensive ability by deploying Wuju Style [E] – extra attack damage – Highlander [R] – extra attack speed and increased movement speed.

Recommended Summoner Spells: I Smite is a must for every jungler. The second one is usually Flash as it’s the most popular Summoner Spell regarding this role.

Recommended Runes: It’s advisable to choose Precision with a Conqueror as a keystone rune to improve the attack speed and damage. Domination improves burst damage and target access.

Recommended Item Build: Enchantment: Bloodrazor – Guinsoos’s Rageblade – Wit’s End.

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