Highlights of Best International Secondary Schools in Dubai for Expats

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Dubai is among the top destinations for expats in terms of employment opportunities and business prospects. There are more than 200 nationalities who live in the city and there are about 150 international schools in Dubai that cater to the children of these expats.

With such a diverse environment, schools have to provide world-class curriculums to their students to aid them to pursue their studies in a global and competitive environment.

Dubai secondary schools have some of the best curriculums in the world like the IB, Cambridge’s IGCSE and CBSE. They also create their educational curricula to cater to the current educational needs that are more robust and technologically advanced compared to a decade ago.

Best features of International Schools in Dubai

Global Curriculum in Dubai Secondary Schools

Curricula like the IB( International Baccalaureate ) , IGCSE (Cambridge) and the CBSE (Indian) are the top curricula that Dubai Secondary Schools offer to its students. Students who pursue these curriculums are known to get admissions in top universities around the world.

Diverse Environment: These International Schools in Dubai have students of many nationalities and this leads to a good blend of cultures and ethnic groups. This culturally diverse environment enables students to get a global perspective and they are better able to blend into different geographical locations during their future endeavours.

Top notch Facilities

Dubai secondary schools have state of the art facilities that provide a progressive environment to help students hone their skills in the right manner under the guidance of world-class educators and trainers who have the right qualifications and experience to teach in a global environment. The classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and there are science and math labs that cater to the challenging curriculums these schools offer.

Collaborative Learning Platform

The classroom environment and the curriculum is imbibed with a collaborative approach and both teachers and students actively participate in the discussions held on the particular topic and there is a healthy competition between peer groups. This leads to a learning method that improves critical thinking and gives students multi-dimensional insights which further leads to better thought process and a problem solving attitude.

Unique Frameworks that are designed with a holistic approach

Dubai secondary schools follow top curriculums around the world, however , to cater to the development in all areas of a student’s education, they have created unique frameworks that hone these real world skills which are very valuable in the 21st century environment. These frameworks help students holistically and give them the confidence and self-awareness to handle tough situations.


International Schools in Dubai maintain the highest standards when it comes to the quality of education and the facilities inside the campus. With such an engaging and progressive environment, students tend to pick up crucial skills that are of utmost importance in the current scenario.