Stay Safe and Work on a Firm Footing With STL Polyjack’s Loading Dock Repair in St. Louis

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Loading Dock Repair in St. Louis

Every business owner would love to ensure the safety of their workers and prevent occupational hazards at all costs. Every manufacturing and essential business has a warehouse and these warehouses have loading docks. Loading docks are essentially places where the goods are loaded and unloaded for various purposes such as storage, distribution, etc. 

The loading docks are usually made of concrete and they undergo heavy loads due to the movement of men, machines, and materials. Heavy vehicles such as forklifts, dollies, hand trucks, etc. are constantly used and run on loading docks. Hence it is important to ensure that the docks are safe and stronger. 

Under heavy loads, the loading docks usually settle or sink. The common reason for loading dock failure or repair is improper soil compaction and incorrect water channel run-off. Sinking and settling can further the damage and result in loading dock failure. 

The failure of loading docks has an impact both in terms of liability and in terms of personnel and equipment damage. It is vital to treat the minor cracks, sinks, or spalls as important and ensure proper corrective measures are taken before any damage to the business and the people. 

We, at STL Polyjack, can help you identify the issue with your loading dock and help you fix them in a jiffy. Our team of experts inspect the entire area to find out the issues and then use polyurethane grouting to fill the cracks and sinks. You might wonder why polyurethane grout while we can use slab jacking, grinding, replacement, etc. 

The polyurethane grout that we use for loading dock repair in St. Louis has the following advantages, 

  1. Economical - It is economically feasible and lighter than all other options. 
  2. Waterproof - The polyurethane grouting has accelerated curing time and can work in both dry and wet conditions. It also prevents future soil compaction and settling. 
  3. Easier Work - The polyurethane grout injection and curing can be done very quickly and it would not affect your day-to-day business operations. 

So, hurry up and contact STL Polyjack for the best Loading Dock Repair in St. Louis. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.