Features of Chocolate Conche Machine Factory

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What are the main components of a Chocolate Conche Machine?

What are the main components of a Chocolate Conche Machine?

Several components make up a conch. All these parts work together to ensure that the refining process is efficient and accurate.

Here are the parts you can find in a Chocolate Conche Machine:

Feed hopper
This is the section where you will introduce the chocolate ingredients you will refine. It comes in various capacities, with commercial confectioners having the largest capacity.

All the components that make up the conch are placed on the frame of the machine. The unit is durable and provides solid support for all components, ensuring they are in the correct position.

Machine base
This part provides a solid and stable support for the machine.

Jacketed cylinder
This part will contain the liquid used to cool and heat the chocolate liquid. The tank will hold the circulating water that is vital to the refining process.

Stainless Steel Craft Roller
This part is where the chocolate conching process takes place. Stainless steel material construction is suitable as it will not contaminate the chocolate.

In addition, it is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and hygienic.
Ball valve outlet
This is the part where the chocolate exits the machine after the refining process is complete. Additionally, this feature allows you to sample the chocolate being refined to see if it meets specifications.

exhaust fan
These fans provide cross-refiner airflow through the hopper to minimize acidity, moisture and volatiles.

gearbox end cap
This section will cover the gears that drive the conch.

pressure regulating mechanism
This part will help adjust the pressure between the liner and the grinding rod. In addition, this feature enables you to achieve a reliable refining process that maintains a constant chocolate quality from batch to batch.

This section allows you to turn the confectioner on or off.

These components will allow machines to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy that is vital to the chocolate-conching process.

Rotor and Stator
These parts will help spin the refining components that make the chocolate refining process possible.

Stainless steel materials are suitable for the construction of these components because they are easy to clean and maintain.

Grinding Blades and Tape
These parts will come into contact with the chocolate you are refining, enhancing its texture and flavor in the process.

Motor reducer
This part will help tilt the bowl and drain the chocolate


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