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Robert Cameron (Skreebee) with Howard Schultz (Starbucks) touring the Rio Grande near Progreso, Texas.

By Art Benavidez, Freelance Writer

January 30th, 2020


Progreso, Texas- When it comes to adversity and success, perhaps no one understands the journey better than Robert Cameron. To have the tenacity to square out the sums of being backed into a corner in the ring of life and jab your way to success is what motivates him. In fact, it’s how he found his true calling. When Cameron looks at the deterioration of actual tangible engagement on various social media platforms it begs a perplexing question. Why have so many people become disillusioned zombies, who are nothing more than shadowy ghosts, on the very mediums that were meant to be joyous and fruitful?

The algorithm of conflict being injected into our news feed has replaced what many of us actually got on social media for in the first place, he says. And that is to have an outlet to escape, much like music and magic reinvigorates our souls, social media should be no exception, he explains. That is the chief reason why Cameron put on his entrepreneur hat and launched Skreebee in August of 2019, a social medium platform that not only encompasses the very best aspects of all your favorite social media channels, past and present, but will facilitate real social interaction. Something that has been sorely missing over the past few years, he says.

Ask any Facebook user what their friends are doing,” he says. “Many will say they haven’t seen updates from them and a lot of that is because their feed is saturated with political garbage, news and other things that are not personal to people anymore. I think Facebook has lost its way because people are no longer sharing what’s important to them. People are not sharing their moments and I feel that a lot of it stems because it’s all one convoluted mess.”

And it just isn’t Facebook. It’s Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Pinterest. Redditt. While they are still very formidable, Cameron believes that there exists a need for a social media platform to not just be impressive, to not just conform, but one that is a force multiplier and gives people a better social media alternative experience to what they have right now.

Users are engaged on Facebook,” he says. “However, the problem is that you click on any one article and its loaded with thousands of views and comments and likes. Then you go to a friend’s most recent post and many don’t have one like or zero comments. That is their fundamental problem and that’s where Skreebee is different. At any given time, you only see your friend’s feed, what they are ‘buzzing’ about, what they’re doing, streamed lined by pictures and videos, and even what music they are listening to.”

The father of two, and Mexican immigrant, believes wholeheartedly in the promise of the American dream and when life dealt him setbacks in cliched careers, he turned those valuable lessons into his new adventure. Creating a social platform with an avenue to reconnect the social media world that has lately been drowning in paranoia, lies and hysteria. Thus, giving people back the ability to reconnect with their friends and neighbors, and perhaps make new connections along the way.

Along with creating Skreebee, Cameron has launched a successful online booking site for tourists who trek down to la frontera, the stretch of border land that exists between Texas and Mexico.

I own and operate Texas Border Tours,” he says. “We offer guided ATV and horseback  trail rides along the border. Many of my customers come because they want to see the river, and the wall, and so I facilitate that unique experience for them.”

When not focusing on world domination, Cameron enjoys modifying ATV’s, listening to heavy metal music, being a father and not conforming to society’s norms. “I’ve always been the round peg in the square hole,” he explains.

When it comes to the future, he believes that technology is here to not only make our lives easier and better — it will be instrumental in giving us more time to do the things that are near and dear to our being.

We should never be satisfied with the status quo,” he says. “We have to push things to be better and better.

Cameron has come along way from working the agriculture fields in the Upper Midwest to help his parents put food on the table as a teenager. It’s that same tenacity that has led him to believe there is no ceiling in his sky and be the sole proprietor of what means the most to him, directing his life the way he sees fit.