Tips to Help You Getting A Lot of MT in NBA 2K21

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Making MT from Flipping cards falls into two categories: Evolving cards and reselling them or buying low/selling high.

With NBA 2K1 there are several different forms of in-game currency. The Virtual Currency aka NBA 2K VC is one we looked at in a previous guide, as it helps with MyTeam and MyCareer/MyPlayer. In this guide, we’ll look at how to get NBA 2K21 MT and Tokens in NBA 2K21 MyTeam as well as what they’re used for.

Flipping Cards

Making MT from Flipping cards falls into two categories: Evolving cards and reselling them or buying low/selling high.

Either method will make you solid MT. However, the first is easier and more likely, but the second can make some serious profit.

Complete the solo challenge

By completing the solo challenge, you can find a deck of cards and auction some decent coins. Although most prepaid cards are silver or gold, you will be fortunate enough to get an Elite card pack. Don't be greedy, don't take your card. If you manage to get a rare card, it will sell for a higher price than the entire card. There is another way to get it, that is, to complete your daily challenges or goals. These are simple challenges, for example, winning a game of 70 players on the team. They are completely feasible, but the difficulty is quite different. Try to read these goals and take steps that will give you a profit.


By playing through Domination you can get a ton of game experience and farming plenty of rewards, including MT coins.

Triple Threat online/offline

Triple Threat is the perfect game mode for anyone looking for quick games with constant and instant rewards. The rewards vary, from tokens to various types of packs, and from MT to specific players.

Auction House -

The best place to get MT coins is the Auction House. You can sell your unwanted player for an awesome number of coins. Or, you can buy valuable player cards at a low price and then flip it for a high price. Participate in a large number of TTOs (reduce contract costs) and learn how to trade at the auction house. I used to buy gold (5 games) contracts for 550 MT and sell them for 1000 MT. It seems that the current running speed has dropped to 700 or 800 MT, so it’s not worth it after 10% commission. But browse the auction house, find one or two items you can buy cheaply, flip them to make a profit, and repeat. A lot of ppl silver medalists. However, you only need to find your own market segment, scroll to the 4-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour tags, and then you can find the newly released products to see if there is anything cheap. It takes time to learn, but it’s worth it.

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