Advantages of Airless Pump Bottles from Cream Pump Dispenser Suppliers

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How to Fill Cream Pump Dispenser Suppliers' Airless Pump Bottles


How to Fill Cream Pump Dispenser Suppliers' Airless Pump Bottles
Our experts know exactly the dos and don'ts of filling airless pump bottles. Read these step-by-step instructions to learn the proper way to fill an airless bottle and ensure the best possible care for your product.

Fill the sterile airless pump bottle with your desired skin care product up to the top to allow contact with the pump motor rod. It is very important to avoid bubble filling!

Next, tighten the vacuum pump to ensure a vacuum seal and allow the vacuum bottle to hold the product inside.
The customer then needs to prime the airless pump engine with 5 to 10 pumps to loosen the piston. NOTE: If the bottle is not completely full, more pumps will be required to get the product out.
The bottle is now ready to use! .

So why use an airless pump bottle? What are the advantages?

That's a big... very limited airflow into the airless bottle, which means the integrity of the ingredients is preserved and remains effective for your skin (yes, skincare can "go bad", it's just life food !). Allowing air and bacteria into the product can cause the ingredients to break down, thus negatively impacting the product's aroma, appearance and overall performance.

In addition, the delicate essential oils in natural products are protected from light sources that could negatively alter their beneficial properties. So there is no need to add any other ingredients.

Zero waste because you get an accurate dose that is consistent every time, from the first pump to the last.

By stopping contamination (all the germs from your fingers get into your clean face over time!) shelf life and product integrity are improved, especially as we now know that hygiene is so important!

The airless pump is when you're done with the bottle, remove the pump and push the disc back to the bottom (use a clean bamboo skewer, etc.) and rinse the bottle with warm soapy water, then it's ready to use reused for something else. Even in the kitchen (one of the benefits of choosing natural and organic products)! Think oils, sauces, cleaning products.

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