Introduction of Chocolate Delivery Pump Suppliers

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Selecting the wrong type of pump from Chocolate Delivery Pump Suppliers


Selecting the wrong type of pump from Chocolate Delivery Pump Suppliers
There are many reasons why centrifugal pumps are not suitable for conveying chocolate. First, the centrifugal pump is running at a faster speed, putting too much shear on the chocolate. They also don't handle viscosity well, and as discussed in our previous post "Why Viscous Fluids Are the Kryptonite of Centrifugal Pumps", efficiency and yield drop dramatically when viscosity increases from 0 cps. On the other hand, flow and efficiency increase as the viscosity of the positive displacement pump increases. They are also a better choice because they run at low speeds (chocolate usually recommends less than 300 RPM). Depending on your goals, gear pumps, rotary lobe pumps, or circumferential piston pumps are excellent choices for chocolate.

Gear pumps offer easier and faster maintenance due to their single shaft seal. Cam or circumferential piston pumps are more complex and have two shaft seals but offer some solids handling capability for chocolates with ingredients like peanuts or raisins.

Not following the general guidelines for pumping chocolate
There are some basic guidelines to follow when smoking chocolate. These include:

Adjust the gap (usually extra)
Maximum Rotor Rim Speed ​​250
Aim to keep the exhaust pressure at half of 100psi max or less
Drill idler
The casing is flushed or sucked back (holes or grooves) to move the liquid behind the rotor (in our experience this helps reduce chocolate burning and keeps it liquid)
Failure to follow these guidelines can result in pump failure, premature wear of components (idler pins, bushings, and sometimes crescent or rotor gears), and damage to mechanical seals (if used).

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