Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

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Avail the benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi at Aestiva Clinic, best plastic surgery clinic in India. Breast augmentation (or boob job/augmentation mammoplasty) surgery is undertaken by women who wish to increase their breast size, restore their lost breast volume after pregnancy/breastfeeding or weight loss, improve their asymmetrical natural breasts, create a balance of breast and hip contours, and achieve a rounded breast shape. It involves two procedures i.e. autologous fat transfer by liposuction technique or placing of breast implants made of silicone gel, saline solution, are inserted under the breast tissue or chest muscles. With breast augmentation surgery, individuals can enhance their self-image and self-confidence. This cosmetic surgery procedure is also perfored to correct congenital defects of the chest wall and the breasts. To know more pay a visit Aestiva Clinic.