Benefits of Using a Control Room Video Wall and How They Work?

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Improve communication and marketing efforts with the right tools. Invest in control room video walls.

There are plenty of benefits to using a video wall in your control room. If you are thinking about having a video wall or two installed, here are a few benefits that you can expect. It wouldn’t hurt to have a basic understanding of how the video walls work, too, so you know exactly how it helps your business and bottom line.

Internal and External Communications

With control room video walls, it’s easier for your team to communicate, whether internally or with clients, customers, market audiences, and more. The video wall makes it easy for your team to share information in real-time and with excellent impact. Videos leave a more profound impression on potential clients and grab their interest better. We've all heard the saying, “an image is worth a thousand words,” and that’s true for many cases of content. If you want to reach out to more people—whether internally or externally—video walls at your workplace make for an excellent idea.

Easy Control and Configuration

Video walls aren’t complex. They’re easy to operate and manage. If you are worried about the configuration and use of these walls, don’t be. You’ll find options that are suitable for your needs and the level of technical expertise that your team has. Video wall processors work on all types of video walls. Some have software platforms that allow you to manage the content distribution for the walls. If you invest in video walls, you have plenty of marketing strategies and communication models that you can explore.


Consumers are spoiled for choice with interactive systems. There’s Alexa, Siri, and other AI systems that already make people’s lives easier. It’s not surprising why consumers expect the same level of interaction through technology at work. You can make that happen with video walls. Have them installed at your building or office to get more people to engage. With these tools, you can appeal to both consumers and employees.

First Impressions

You only make a first impression once. That’s why you need to make it count. By using video walls, though, you have an opportunity to make an excellent first impression, one that will appeal to your market audience. If you want to establish yourself as a reliable brand or position your company as an authority in the field, video walls with the right content can go a long way in building up your credibility in the field or industry. That helps you attract greater consumer interest.

Multi-Source Content

With video walls, you can distribute content from multiple sources. And you can do it all at once. That includes video streams from relevant channels or content in various formats that you can show in the video. However, there are video walls that have limitations or can only work with specific types of displays. You’ll need to consider that when you shop around for options. Advanced video walls, though, are much more flexible and can work with a wide range of formats and aren’t limited to working with a single type of display, whether that’s a LED, LCD, or projector.