How a reputable herringbone flooring supplier can transform your home

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If you have some experience with DIY and have some time on your hands then you could perhaps consider doing the job yourself (or at least certain aspects of it).

If you are considering a parquet flooring installation then we strongly suggest you hire a professional to do the job for you so that you avoid mismatched blocks of wood, uneven surfaces, and irregular staining. The cost of your installation will vary depending on the type of wood you’ve chosen, the design you’ve gone for, the thickness of the floor, and the type of finish you desire.

If you have some experience with DIY and have some time on your hands then you could perhaps consider doing the job yourself (or at least certain aspects of it). Modern wooden flooring typically features tongue and groove installation which helps to get a flush finish.

If you don’t have the experience, time, or equipment, then it’s time to reach out to a professional. Here are 4 key advantages to approaching a local Herringbone Flooring Supplier:

  1. Thorough - Experienced floor fitters pay attention to details. They’ll take careful steps to ensure the process causes minimal disruption. They have access to the best tools and equipment, making sure that any dust created is contained and then extracted. Their sanding and polishing equipment is top-end, ensuring your flooring is completely smooth and that it looks perfect. Whatever finish you go for, they’ll have the skill to get the best results with it.
  2. Experience - With experience comes expertise. Experienced floor fitters are able to lay herringbone parquet flooring efficiently, and they have the skill to accurately repair existing damaged sections of flooring. Worn-out flooring can be transformed and made to look as good as new by a professional flooring supplier.
  3. Reliable - As specialists in the supply and installation of high-quality herringbone flooring in the Twickenham and Hampton areas, reputable Herringbone Flooring Suppliers such as Southern Cross Flooring have built their reputation on high levels of service. Whichever flooring product you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll get the highest-quality engineered wood flooring that can be sourced.
  4. Highly organized - Professional flooring suppliers have experienced specialists on their team who can install and restore all Herringbone flooring in your Hampton home. Restoration involves sanding down your existing flooring, which has the potential to create a lot of mess and disruption. A professional will go to great lengths to ensure the room being refinished is closed-off to keep any dust and debris within that area and away from the rest of your home. Improper use of sanding machinery can lead to uneven and mismatched flooring, but with a professional that isn’t something you’ll need to worry about. Professionals are also extremely efficient so they can do the job much quicker than you could do it yourself.

Southern Cross Flooring: herringbone flooring suppliers in the Twickenham area

With over two decades of first-class experience and 3 teams of expert floor fitters, Southern Cross Flooring is a true professional through and through. You can count on Southern Cross Flooring for all aspects of installation and renovation, transforming even the most tired and stained flooring into a floor you can be proud of once again.

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