Buy and Feel Protected from Electrostatic Discharge

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Finding the highest quality static control products is as easy as pie. All you need to visit Anti-Static ESD and browse their wide range of products, such as:

Finding the highest quality static control products is as easy as pie. All you need to visit Anti-Static ESD and browse their wide range of products, such as:

  • earth bonding plugs
  • earth bonding brackets
  • air ionizers
  • tweezers
  • field service kits
  • tape
  • ESD shoes
  • ESD clothing
  • floor tiles
  • ESD tables
  • brushes
  • gloves
  • stationary

Unlike many of their competitor companies, this team pays a lot of attention to each detail and takes an extra level of care for all of their stock. The quality of their anti-static products is unmatched and this is the key reason why their clients come back. Anti-Static ESD has already become the top destination all around Europe thanks to not only quality but also affordability. 

One of the most popular products offered by Anti-Static ESD is Anti Static Flooring. Designed especially to keep your workers safe from the dangers of electrostatic discharge, the need for Anti Static Flooring is increasing day by day. Known as ESD floor, it is designed to shield and protect your workers in the best way possible. Where there is a need for static prevention or protection to persons or components, the need for ESD floor tiles is needed a lot. Look no further and use this ESD flooring in the following areas:

  • Workshops equipped with digitally operated devices
  • EPA (ESD Protected Area) in automotive or electronics industries
  • Computer/server rooms
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Indoor use

If you have a business with a large amount of electrical equipment, look no further and order ESD flooring for the safety of your workplace. Anti-static flooring is just one of many different products that can perfectly protect your workers. In fact, this ESD floor becomes more effective when your workers also wear ESD clothing and ESD shoes along with having ESD table and chair. Anti-static floor tiles ESD are designed for European customers in mind, so they meet the highest level of standards. Just order ESD flooring and let your workers feel protected in the event of an electrostatic shock taking place.

The use of an ESD tables is becoming increasingly common in workplaces that house large amounts of technology. But what makes these industrial tables so beneficial for businesses to invest in? There are several benefits so investing in electrostatic tables for your staff is highly recommended. The static surface of this ESD table helps to provide protection against electrostatic discharges. So you can rest assured that electrical charges will not be transferred to surrounding equipment or people.

Those who work with equipment that is known to be risky in terms of electrostatic discharge should never hesitate to buy an ESD table. The best part is that these tables can be easily combined with other forms of anti-static products. It will increase the maximum level of protection. You can also order effective cleaners to make sure that the table you have bought is as effective as on the first day.