Bitlife - Experience a new life.

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Bitlife - A Simple, Fun, and Addictive Strategy Game for Everyone

What if there was a game that could really change your life? Yes, yes and it's called BitLife. Armed with a camera and simulated cash, the player must complete various jobs or 'Bit Jobs' to earn money. You have five days to complete each task, and that day will end whether you achieve it or not. Remember; You can only complete one quest per day. If you don't finish by 5 pm on Friday, you will lose your remaining tasks and have to start over from the beginning of the week. The game is simple but challenging and very addictive. Players spend their days completing various jobs such as working in a coffee shop, a salesman at an electronics store, or working as an Uber driver among many others. And just like in real life, the more skilled you are in one field, the easier it is to find another job in the same field. However, things really get interesting as some actions open up exceptional opportunities while others reduce your chances of getting hired in the future.