Identification Of Padlock Maintenance Quality

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The quality of padlock maintenance mainly depends on the following points


The quality of padlock maintenance mainly depends on the following points:

1. Lock body material: This involves a lot of professional knowledge and the technology of the manufacturer. The mainland products are generally iron, steel, stainless steel, and zinc alloy. Due to the limitation of technology and cost, the hardness of the lock rod is not enough, and it is often easy to be clamped. Hydraulic pliers cut.

2. Lock cylinder: Most people buy a lock only by looking at the shape, and if it is large, it must be good. As long as you pay attention, no matter what kind of domestic lock you buy, the lock cylinder is generally copper, and the characteristics of copper are soft. You can easily destroy the copper lock cylinder with an electric drill and concentrated running acid. There are also differences in the types of lock cylinders. At present, the most commonly used lock cylinders are European-style lock cylinders. In addition, there are American-style threaded lock cylinders and fire-proof lock cylinders. The latter two are relatively safe. The door lock is of good quality and high safety. The fireproof lock cylinder is used in fireproof door locks, which can withstand a high temperature of 975 degrees for 90 minutes. It is a special door lock cylinder enforced by the state.

3. Keys: There are many keys for standard combination lock, such as cross, round, crescent, and a lot of different types. Many keys are made of copper or aluminum-iron alloy, which can be easily copied. At present, the better materials are steel, There are also new electronic keys with higher security.