Separation Under California Family Code Section 3011

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Spousal support payments are normally based on a couple's pre-separation earning level under Family Code Section 3011. However, if you your spouse were married for less than 10years at the time of separation (or less than 20years if you had children), courts may consider your combined post-separation income to determine how much you should get.

When deciding whether or not to deviate from these standards, the court will also explore any additional considerations that it considers relevant.

According to Family Code Section 3011, a spouse may declare separation from bed board or cohabitation by court order as a portion of a judgment of dissolution of marriage or legal separation. As well as after the commencement of action between married parties under any of the following circumstances -

Separation may occur only after filing hearing on an application for an order to show cause.

It does not apply to couples living separate apart as a result of a signed agreement or decree resolving all complications between them.

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