Learn About The Composition Of The Mold

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The composition of some molds may generally contain these ingredients

    The composition of some molds may generally contain these ingredients, do you know what they are? The following will reveal the secret for you.

    Support plate: The support plate is the foundation of the mold, it supports the mold and all the parts inside the mold.

    Thimble box: The thimble box is equipped with a thimble, blade, and mechanical lifter.

    Top Plate/Top Plate Baffle: The top plate pushes the ejector pins forward, ejecting the part from the cavity or core. The ejector retainer plate holds the pin tightly to the ejector plate, returning it into place.

    Straight ejector pin: Contacts the part and helps push the part out of the cavity or core.

    Part A, Part B: Each mold has an A half and a B half. The A half usually has a cavity, which is where the part is formed.

    The B half is where the core is, and where the parts usually pop out of. The part will always shrink to the core or B half so that when the mold is open the part will stick to the core of the B half so it can be ejected.

    Sprue Bushing: The sprue bushing is where the material is injected from the nozzle through the mold to fill the part inside the cavity/core.

    Guide Pins: Guide pins are located on all four corners of the mold. These line up the two halves of the mold.

    Locating Ring: The locating ring "locates" the mold to the center of the platen, which is part of the injection molding machine itself and is used to mount the mold.