The Primary Differences Between An Electric Powered Concrete Pump Plus A Diesel Concrete Pump

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The concrete pumps are divided into either diesel or electric versions. This is a review of their main differences.

Concrete is just one of those indispensable materials for several projects including road construction, bridges, buildings, ports, and much more. The utilization and production of concrete usually involve various construction machinery like concrete pumps, trucks, and mixers. Portable concrete mixers with pumps are generally the most preferred selection for smaller projects.

- Electric Concrete Mixer Pumps

This concrete equipment requires electricity to use. These appliances vary from the 220V residential electricity since this kind of equipment requires 380V industrial electricity. In addition there are stringent requirements in terms of the wiring of those machines. As an example, for motor power of 45 kW, aluminum wires tend to be a requirement.

- Diesel Concrete Mixer Pumps

The diesel concrete mixer pumps feature a 52 kW diesel engine which is powered directly with a diesel engine doing away with the need to connect the machine to electricity. Consequently these machines are not affected if you have no flow of electricity at a construction site.

In case the electric power with a construction site is stable and sufficient, then an electrical concrete pump may be the smart choice. The price to run an electric concrete pump is lower than the diesel concrete pumps. For construction sites where there is not any source of electricity, a diesel concrete pump is truly the only option.

The Advantages Of Portable Concrete Mixers With A Pump:

- The optimal mixture of pumping and mixing decreases the total transportation space along with the weight.

- These portable concrete mixers are perfect for rural areas and give favorable work efficiency.

- The portable concrete mixers contribute to saving on labor costs and decrease labor intensity.

- This equipment is simple to operate and make use of.

- The portable concrete mixer comes with a double-cylinder hydraulic-pumping system that may easily transport large crushed stones or aggregates with stable reliability, safety, and performance.

If you are searching to get a reliable manufacturer prior to buying either a diesel concrete mixer or even an electric concrete mixer, the AIMIX group is producing, servicing, and designing concrete pump equipment for several years.

This tools are either powered from a diesel engine or electric to complement as much as different job requirements and job sites. They likewise have a wide array of products to pick from including trailer pumps, boom pumps, truck-mounted pumps, and mixer pumps.

The pumps offered by this manufacturer may be powered by diesel engines or electric concrete mixer pump. Picking a source of energy is usually according to a couple of factors, in addition to your financial considerations, your available infrastructure, along with your preferences.

Final Thoughts

To sum it, the electric pumps provide low operating costs, reliable performance, and simple structures. However, diesel pumps will be more designed for construction sites when electricity is either unavailable or tough to obtain.

The diesel pumps might cost more compared to the electric versions simply because they include a diesel engine together with other accessories. For this reason, this machinery requires more maintenance costs and maintenance care.