Cash App Direct Deposit: What is it & How to Enable it?

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Whether you are an employee of a small company or a multinational corporate, one thing is clear that you do receive a salary.

A feature of sending and receiving money to and from contacts is just one aspect of the Cash App by Square payment app. If the truth to be told, Cash App is largely known for its some unique features such as direct deposit, Visa Debit Card, Stocks, Bitcoin trading. More specifically, the Cash App direct deposit and cash card are two primary features that have drawn a ton of appreciation from cash app users. 


Now let's understand why people love to use direct deposit service on Cash App. By the time you reach the last sentence of this post, you will have completely understood all about this amazing feature. So, let's cut to the chase and get straight to the point without any ado. 


What is Cash App direct deposit? 


Whether you are an employee of a small company or a multinational corporate, one thing is clear that you do receive a salary. And most of you receive your salary directly to the bank accounts. Have you ever wondered how it happens? Here is the answer. This kind of transaction is called ACH (Automated Clearing Houses). In layman words, you can think of the ACH as just a way of electronic payment. Among people or say it employees, ACH is also known as direct deposit.


So, now let's come back to our main topic: What does direct deposit mean on Cash App? Here is the answer. Cash App Direct deposit as the name suggests, is the direct way to get salaries, funds, pension, refunds, financial aids, and many other kinds of payments at regular intervals direct to the Cash App account. Any verified Cash App user can enable direct deposit service. In reality, only being a verified user is not enough. Users are required to have a Cash App card. More specifically, an activated Cash App card. Now some of you might be wondering- how to activate a Cash App card? Find more information in the next section. 


How to activate Cash App card? 


You will be glad to know that the process to activate Cash App card is amazingly simple and straightforward. In addition, the activation process is free, fast, and user-friendly. If you have already ordered and received a Cash App card, you can follow the following steps and start making quick payments with zero efforts. 


Be informed that there are two ways to activate a Cash App Visa Debit card: First simple method is to scan the QR code and second quick way is all about using your Cash App card details. Fortunately, both methods are pretty simple and easy to practice. Have a quick look at the first method:

  • Navigate to the Cash App mobile application on your phone.

  • Then, the next step is to select a cash-card icon available on the home screen from the left corner.

  • Further, from the drop down menu select "Activate cash card" to add a life to it.

  • Now Square Cash App might ask you to grant permission to access your phone's camera.

  • Allow Cash App to have access on your phone's camera to scan a QR code.

  • Now set your phone’s camera focus on your QR code and scan it.

  • Upon successful scanning a QR code, your cash card will all set ready to spend money.


How do I set up Cash App direct deposit? 


As in the last section you have learned how to activate a Cash App Visa Debit Card, now let's move a step head. So, the question is -how to enable direct deposit on Cash App? Gladly, the process to enable direct deposit service is as simple as activating the cash card. 

  • First step is to launch the Cash App mobile application on your phone. 

  • Now tap the "My cash tab" located at the far left side on the home screen. 

  • Then, select the "Cash" button from the drop down menu option. 

  • Scroll all the way down and tap the "Enable Direct Deposit". 

  • Next screen will open up showing you your Cash App routing number, copy it for further use. 

  • Now tap the get account number tab to find the Cash App bank account number. 

  • Finally, to enable direct deposit on Cash App download the form, fill up it, and hand it over to your employer. 


How to get Cash App refund if direct deposit has failed? 


However, an issue like payment failure through direct deposit is quite rare but still not deniable. The primary reason for direct deposit failure on Cash App results from not following the terms. One important fact that you must always bear in mind is the daily direct deposit limit. Always remember that Cash App has set a maximum limit to receive a payment through direct deposit. And the limit is ,000 in a day. So, make sure you don't cross the limit. In case you have to receive payment more than ,000 then you better split the payment in two parts and receive it in two consecutive days.  


On the other hand, as far as the matter of Cash App refund is concerned, you always can contact Cash App support for refund. These are the steps to follow if you need refund for Cash App payment or direct deposit failure: 


  • Open Cash App. 

  • Tap on your profile button available at the top right corner. 

  • Get to the far bottom side of the screen to find the Cash App support button. 

  • Select Cash App support and then further choose "something else" as a reason for contacting customer service. 

  • Here comes a screen where you need to describe your issue, transaction id (if any payment has failed), or details about direct deposit. 

  • Finally, send a message to customer support.