Your Suitable Intranet Solution Need Not Be Expensive

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For high-end Intranet solutions with only a monthly subscription fee, there is no reason to consider other solutions.

Most hospitals and other healthcare providers in the United States and Europe have Intranet Solutions in their facilities. These are personally accessible, company-operated internet solutions that allow doctors and hospital staff to share data and information as needed, keep patient records and keep them safe, and schedule daily or weekly. Allows you to collaborate on medical issues that require immediate attention. Important for its operation is the corporate intranet, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if the hospital company's intranet is server-based and inaccessible if it's outside the office? King's Daughters Hospital in Temple, Texas, faced this dilemma until it moved to a completely web-based corporate intranet solution, including email capabilities, document and contact management tools, and group calendars.

The ability of any business to ensure access to feasible information and maintain flexible and effective communication between local and offshore employees in the maze of everyday transactions. It remains the most formidable challenge, including business partners, vendors and clients. The concept of borderless management as a derivative to outsourcing manpower abroad, or the creation of an international liaison, added weight to this complex task.

You may be demand sensitive, but does your IT network endure the challenge?

Without the need to build a new IT infrastructure to meet the demand for communications, some intranet and extranet solution providers will develop portals to enable the desktop to absorb the communications platform. This will quickly start the entire team communication process. .. How happy was King's Daughters Hospital? Huge cash outlays were never part of the equation. For high-end solutions with only a monthly subscription fee, there is no reason to consider other solutions.

While most Intranet Software and extranet solutions address enterprise businesses that can take full advantage of high-end capabilities with high cash spending, some companies are looking to small businesses for a monthly subscription fee alone. For example, Microsoft Exchange alternatives offer the same communication and collaboration tools as the more popular ones at a fraction of the cost. Today, most small businesses are opening the door.

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