Top Tips to Grow and Care for Boston Fern Plants

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Do you want to buy a Boston fern plant for your home? Here are the top and most effective tips for growing and maintaining them correctly.

Do you know why home gardeners appreciate the Boston Fern plant greatly? Ferns make your surroundings look more attractive and livelier with the help of their evergreen fronds. However, sudden fluctuations in their care and the wrong atmosphere can severely impact their growth. Check out the best tips to grow and care for the Boston ferns t make them grow healthier and happier.

Filtered Sunlight

A Boston Fern Plant never likes to be in a place with dull light or bright indirect light. The ideal location is where they can receive filtered sunlight, such as a porch or balcony. Make sure they don’t receive too much sunlight or too less. Balanced sunlight is all they need for healthy growth. That is why we recommend keeping them on a porch where they receive filtered both day and afternoon.

Well-drained Soil

Your Boston fern plant cannot grow well unless you ensure that the soil has a good drainage capacity. In case of over watering or water logging, the plant’s health can be severely impacted due to root rotting. As the root-starts rotting, it will get difficult for the ferns to survive, and they will ultimately die. So always make sure that you choose soil with enough draining capacity. Ideally, a peat-based potting mix added with Per lite can be an ideal soil type to have enough good drainage capacity. You can buy the plant and potting mix from Leaf Baba at the lowest prices.

Sufficient Water

Another significant thing for any plant to survive is the proper watering schedule. Your Boston Ferns cannot survive easily without much watering. Feeding them with water regularly during the main growing summer (preferably in summers and springs) is best. However, make sure to follow an infrequent watering session during the winter season to avoid over watering. Water your Boston Fern plant only when the topsoil gets dry to the touch.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Boston ferns are very sensitive to extreme weather conditions, and it is best to keep them away from harsh climates such as frosty weather and intense direct sunlight. Always bring your Boston Fern Plant inside in case of an extreme environment. Also, keep them away from drafty windows as the plant will begin to die. With the largest online store like Leaf Baba, you can quickly get the best collection of ferns to help make your surroundings look more stunning and livelier.