Actual methods of promotion today

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Actual methods of promotion today

SEO audit

1) Analysis and design of semantics (keywords).

It is important to pay attention to the words that lead to you untargeted traffic (eg, if you are a manufacturer of kitchen doors and work with wholesale, it is unlikely you need visitors who are looking for "buy doors in the kitchen")

2) Evaluate the site's ranking.

What types of pages fall in the good and bad places in extradition (what is the difference between them?), whether the mobile version is ranked (if not or worse than the desktop - need to refine), etc.

3) Technical audit.

Search for non-existent pages, which are linked from other pages, analyze pages indexed by search engines, check the loading speed, audit the usability and markup of the pages, analyze external links, working through meta tags (Title, Description, titles), etc.

If there is no site, take these points into account for the future. To do it right away, and not to correct errors later.



      a)Expert content.

Even the texts for the categories of the online store: "a bed with a pull-up mechanism is one of the most comfortable furnishings" is not necessary, "how to choose a bed with a pull-up mechanism" with data on the users' weight tolerance (search engines love numbers), information on the types of fixtures (special terms also love), materials - a good option of seo-text.

If this is a text for a blog, it is better not to be limited to short notes - according to observations, articles from 5-8 thousand characters are better ranked.

     b) Uniqueness and readability.

Do not copy texts from other sites. If you write yourself or order copywriters from Internet marketing agency- check the uniqueness and use services to check the readability.

     c) Not just keys.

Use synonyms and words from related fields - so search engines understand that the text is written for people.


Copypaste. Copying text from other sites in large quantities can fly into a ban.

2) Videos and photos.

Used to increase the level of content expertise and for promotion - pictures and videos also get into search results.


Own high-quality photos. If these are products - in various angles, for each product.


Alien pictures with no reference to the source.

Media content with questionable content (adalt, violence, insulting sentiments).