Replacing Storage Heaters

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Many of us have used storage heaters at some time in our lives, and we've all struggled with their lack of controllability and inability to adequately disperse heat.


Many of us have used storage heaters at some time in our lives, and we've all struggled with their lack of controllability and inability to adequately disperse heat. 


If you're planning a storage heater replacement, our comprehensive guide has all the information you need.


What are Storage Heaters and How Do They Work? 


Storage heaters, invented in the late 1940s, are meant to charge power overnight on a low-cost rate tariff. They're designed to gently release the heat during the day, keeping you toasty until the next night.


What are the Benefits of Replacing your Storage Heaters? 


Insufficient Heat 


Despite the fact that storage heaters are designed to heat your house for the whole day on a single charge, many people discover that their storage heaters run out of heat by mid-afternoon, causing them to look for a backup source of heat. 


In addition, storage heaters lose a significant amount of heat from the rear, which does not heat the space in which the heater is located. As a result, when storage heaters are removed, the wall behind them is frequently burned or damaged due to years of intense heat exposure.


Using two heating systems to heat your house at the same time is inefficient and can be costly in the long term. There are now far superior choices on the market that provide you with the control and comfort you deserve.


Incapability to Control 


Regardless of whether they have a manual or digital control, all storage heaters rely on guessing. 


Because storage heaters must be charged overnight and cannot be charged at any other time, you must decide if you will require warmth the next day the night before. 


Because weather forecasts are usually wrong, you may find yourself with your heating system running at full capacity on a pleasant, warm day. Many users may then attempt to cool the storage heater down faster by opening windows and doors, but this is a complete waste of energy and money.


Storage heaters have easy manual controls as well. They're generally in the shape of a little dial with a scale of 1 to 5 — numbers that have nothing to do with temperature. Instead, a little vent on top of the heater is controlled by this dial. The higher the dial number, the more open the vent will be. There was no thermostat, no programming, and no temperature control.


Make the Change. 


Although storage heaters are still made today, there are currently many more efficient alternatives on the market. This includes everything from electric boilers to contemporary electric heaters. 


Let’s Switch to Electric Heaters


Enhanced control 


Night storage heaters, as previously said, provide little to no control. You may have total control over your heating with most modern electric heaters. Many models come with a digital, programmable thermostat that allows you to arrange a heating plan up to seven days ahead of time while also allowing you to specify precise temperatures. 


A wireless thermostat, on the other hand, is always preferred. Built-in thermostats provide programming and temperature control, however they take a temperature reading near the heater, which is the warmest portion of the room. 


Wireless thermostats take a temperature reading from wherever the thermostat is placed, allowing you to regulate the temperature from wherever you are in the room for maximum comfort.


More Adaptability 


Modern electric heaters not only provide you more control, but they also give you the freedom to turn on your warmth anytime you choose. 


You are depending on a tariff that is only in use overnight with night storage heaters. This implies you'll be in danger if you don't turn on your heaters the day before. So you should really consider a storage heater replacement to eco-friendlier solution.


If you're feeling chilly unexpectedly, a push of a button on a contemporary electric heater will have you toasty and warm in a short amount of time.


Warmer More Quickly 


It takes a full 7 hours to charge an old storage heater to full capacity. Modern electric radiators, like as the Fischer dynamic clay core heaters, will heat your room in a fraction of the time - as little as 45 minutes in certain cases.


Heat Is Distributed Evenly. 


Another concern with storage heaters is heat distribution that is uneven. Because the radiant heat from their storage heater has ascended to the ceiling, many users have chilly feet all of the time. 


Fischer dynamic clay core radiators distribute heat evenly across the space. In fact, the BSRIA test of our heaters revealed a temperature variation of only 0.5 degrees from floor to ceiling.


Set the Temperature on your Thermostat. 


Your new electric heating system will include a thermostat, as previously stated. This thermostat allows you to create a bespoke heating schedule, but you must first pick when you want the heaters to turn on. 


Once again, our team of certified emergency electricians London will walk you through setting up your initial programme and using our thermostat. We will also provide you with a brief instruction manual in case you require it in the future!