The Use Of Thimble In The Ejection System

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The function of the ejector pin is to remove the molded part from the injection mold

    The function of the ejector pin is to remove the molded part from the injection mold. You should know about the precautions for the use of ejector pins in injection molds.

    Notes on the ejection system:

  1. The thimble hole is at least 3/32” away from other holes;
  2. There should be at least 1/32" clearance between the pin holes on the top plate;
  3. Leave at least 1/64" clearance between the pin holes on the template;
  4. All thimbles are of standard size; the thimble seat cannot be ground down;
  5. During the nylon, LDPE, or PP injection molding process, the diameter of each thimble must be measured, because when the gap between the thimble and the hole is greater than 0.02mm, a flash may appear
  6. All thimble holes must be vertical and shiny (Ra~0.25μm);
  7. For plastic materials such as PP, PE, Nylon, etc., hole diameter = pin diameter + 0.01mm; for plastic materials such as HIPS, PC and ABS, hole diameter = pin diameter + 0.02mm;
  8. The thimble should go straight down through the bottom plate, the thimble plate, and the mold part;
  9. After all, thimbles are installed, the top plate should be able to slide down freely;
  10. There should be labels in the same direction near the positions of all thimbles and screw heads to prevent installation errors;
  11. All pins need to have pins to prevent wrong installation (square pin headers should be avoided unless the spacing between the thimbles is small; a symmetrical layout cannot be used, only single-sided methods can be used. Normally, the first one should be used; the 3rd should be used when there is not enough space);
  12. After installing the thimble, everything needs to be checked before closing the rear panel;
  13. After the bracket is installed, use a flashlight to check each rib and hole from the direction of the mold core to see if there is any problem with the pin or sleeve ejector. After everything is normal, cover the rear panel;
  14. When designing the position of the ejector pin, in addition to ensuring sufficient ejection force, it must also ensure that the product can be ejected in a straightforward manner;
  15. There are two kinds of thimbles: solid hardening and nitriding: hardened-surface hardness 65-74HRC, steel core hardness 50-55HRC; nitrided surface hardness is 65-74HRC.

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