About The Comparison Between Suede Fabrics

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Wool and microfiber blankets and coral fleece fabric are made from synthetic fibers

    Wool and microfiber blankets and coral fleece fabric are made from synthetic fibers.Polyester is the main fiber. Coral fleece has outstanding advantages over other textile fabrics.

    It has a fine texture, soft to the touch, with no lint, and no pilling. Do not fade. Excellent water absorption, three times the characteristics of cotton products. No irritation to the skin, no allergic phenomenon. Nice looking and colorful. This is an alternative to cotton bathrobes that has just appeared abroad.

    Whereas the general difference between wool and microfibers is their properties related to the manufacturing process. Here are some common and unique characteristics:

    Fleece is mainly made of brushed polyester to add bulk. Microfibers are made from a blend of polyester and other polymers, including acrylic and nylon.

    Wool is moisture resistant but has microfiber to a certain extent, but it also absorbs moisture. It depends on whether it is a split weave or a plain weave. Split tissue absorbs more water than flat tissue.

    Fleece and microfiber draw moisture away from your body, but microfiber absorbs moisture and allows it to evaporate, much like cotton does quickly.

    Both fleece and microfiber are breathable, but microfiber is even more so due to the use of fine fibers, but care must be taken to prevent fiber clogging.

    The fleece is brushed on both sides, giving it a plush feel. Tumble drying with heat setting tends to scorch the tips of the fibers, making the blanket lose its softness.

    Wool is made from fine fibers, but microfibers must be thinner than silk once neil.

    As you can see from the expected properties of the two fabrics, there is little difference between them. Wool and microfiber hybrid blankets are designed to showcase specific properties while keeping the product affordable.

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