Are unicorns real? Origin of the unicorn

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Today, people often hunt rhinos more for their horns to treat diseases and make decorations, and this may be partly due to the old concept.

The unicorn has appeared in the legends of European culture since ancient times with the image of a white horse with a horn in the middle of the top of its head. They are told by many people that they can fly and possess extraordinary powers, but in fact, no one has proven to have met a unicorn. So are unicorns real? Let's learn about this animal with Coloring.Top.

The unicorn (Western) called unicorn, also known as one-horned horse, is very famous in European culture. They have two very large wings, a horn grows in the middle of the top of the head, and have beautiful white feathers. The image of the one-horned animal was discovered from the Indian civilization dating back to 2,800 BC, but in reality, the unicorn is not quite what many people say. According to one report, the real-life unicorn named Elasmotherium is a giant prehistoric rhinoceros 2 meters tall and has a 2-meter horn on its forehead and can weigh up to 4.5 tons.

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Are unicorns real or not? According to historical books, unicorn horses appeared at the same time as prehistoric humans about 29,000 years ago, but contrary to initial speculation, everyone thought that unicorns went extinct 350,000 years before humans. appear. However, according to Associate Professor Dorothy Ann Bray and folklore experts, there are no unicorns as we imagine, they are just passing stories and misconceptions about them. horned rhinoceros.

The Legend of the One-horned Horse

Medieval unicorn

The European unicorn has long been identified as a symbol of Christ in Catholicism and has allowed unicorn symbols to be accepted in religious doctrine. Medieval knowledge of this creature is derived from the Bible about creatures like wild donkeys, goats or horses. In it is the story of a unicorn kept by the Virgin Mary. Since the Middle Ages it was thought that only virgins could tame unicorns and only virgins could ride unicorns; unicorns were said to be able to tell whether a woman was virgin or not. are not. This became an image and was the basis for the appearance of the unicorn, proving its existence and until now, whether the unicorn is real is still a question mark for many people.


Unicorn appears a lot in the works and in the imagination of people, so it has been recreated into cartoons and fairy tales both in the West and in Asia. The white plumage, outstretched wings and shining horn represent purity.

Westerners believe that this is a highly wild creature and very difficult to tame, usually only knights can tame them. As for Asian countries, the image of the unicorn is more gentle and docile, bringing good things.

Rumors are exaggerated that the horns of this unicorn are resistant to all poisons and can cure all diseases so there have been waves of British visa holders coming to Scotland to hunt unicorns upon hearing this. They saw a shadow of them appear and surely that hunt was fruitless because in fact they were not real.

Today, people often hunt rhinos more for their horns to treat diseases and make decorations, and this may be partly due to the old concept.

In the legends about this unicorn, this animal always appears in a very flashy and splendid way as if there is a halo beside this species. This is an animal that is fearless and extremely brave. In an old poem about unicorns, this animal used to live with humans and they see that humans always have a bad mind, greed and maybe that. but they go to other lands to live and avoid humans. These are human stories about this unicorn and have not been verified.

Through the article that has shared, hopefully you have got the correct answer to the question of whether the unicorn is real and gained more interesting knowledge about this animal.

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