Because that is how it is

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Because that is how it is for virtually

The"main" dungeon should have been something that you unlocked at  RuneScape gold like 90 Dungeoneering and should have been much tougher. Dungeoneering may also have unlocked"overrun" dungeons that after"cleared" turned into a typical non-overran dungeon that might have good tools; Kinda like how leveling up for Slayer unlocks enemies with greater loot tables. Dungeoneering should also unlock new Slayer creatures that were"hidden away" which you alert your slayer grasp of so you can get jobs for them at the suitable slayer degree (could state something if you're underleveled for them such as"Stay away from them for the time being, thank you for alerting me ").

That doesn't give it a single, direct, verb I will use anywhere in the world - like"fishing" or"potion-making" or even"fighting" (yes I know some skills fail this test but still pass this general notion ). It will be exploring - or slaying - however for some reason I am getting experience for doing it in a certain way. Unless pursuit dungeons and other arbitrary caves and these are providing dungeoneering expertise too, its still a minigame (or really just a miniquest such as Tarn's Lair if its based on the directors ). I am all for this being known as a skill, When it's implemented in some manner where stuff in the world can be part of the skill.

Why it should be a skill I really don't know. You kill a boss in the end and run around doing arbitrary minigame pursuits and walk to a small area. When you sit down and examine daemonheim, it fits the definition of minigame in every way. It even had its own reward money that is minigame. The one thing which made it to some"ability" was once the devs stated you would have to do it thousands of times to get random xp which didn't have a good definition of that xp supposed about your personality. "Leveling" it didn't even really unlock anything except extensions of regions so you don't have to contend with bots.

Because that is how it is for virtually every skill. You are able to turn every ability into a minigame outside battle abilities and crafting skills. People set these superb unrealistic criteria for skills once we have shit like firemaking at RuneScape, so we never receive any new skills.nd that is precisely why there should not be more skills such as that. I enjoyed the notion of sailing and warding, but dungeoneering to me makes no sense. I really do like the notion of abilities added to RuneScape if the idea is great. I wouldn't enjoy it, although I also liked as it was something in RS2 dungeoneering. With all that said, I would really like to have dungeons as  buy RS gold a minigame.