How To Fix Gmail Account Not working on outlook mail app?

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When Gmail settings are out of date, you need to update the Gmail settings. after that, your Gmail account will start working fine.

These days, Windows users are loving to use the mail account on their phone or computer. so they don't have to log in the mail account on their phone or computer again. but in some rare cases, Gmail account won't work properly. due to which, users might be getting settings are out of date error. Generally, this kind of error appears because of the incorrect username or password error.

To fix these errors, you have to make the following changes into the account. 

How to fix Gmail account settings are out of date error ? 

  • First of all, You need to check the internet connection on your windows computer. make sure that the internet connection is working fine. in case, if Internet is down in your area. you need to fix that. 
  • Now Go to the account settings on your windows mail application. Here, you need to click on the manage account button. Now click on the Gmail account and then click on the advanced settings. Now enter your Gmail password. after that click on the ok button. if you don't know your Gmail password. you need to reset the password first. after that, you need to update it on the windows mail application. 
  • Let's remove the Gmail account from the phone. and then re-add the GMail account. if you need to remove the Gmail account. 

  • When Mail settings are out of date. you need to check the IMAP and pop3 server settings. so you need to click on the advanced settings. now enter the imap server address. after that you need to configure the mail account. it will start working fine. 

So these are the steps to fix the Gmail account. in case, if you need Gmail account settings are out of date . you need to visit askprob blogs. there you will find the complete guide.