Finest Sources of Vitamin D For Vegans

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When compared to other vitamins, vitamin D is special. Although there are many foods and VItamin D Supplements that contain it, your body can also produce it. Your body has the capacity to change cholesterol into vitamin D, which also functions as a hormone, when your skin is exposed to sunshine.

The foods that have the most vitamin D are often animal-based. There are, however, excellent sources of this vitamin that are suitable for vegans.

Here are some of the top vegan vitamin D sources.


One of the few plant sources with a sizable amount of vitamin D is mushrooms. It's possible that mushrooms raised in darkness don't have a lot of vitamin D. However, 100 grams of mushrooms that were exposed to UV radiation while growing could have 450 IU.

Vitamin D-2 is found in mushrooms, whereas vitamin D-3 is found in animal food. Vitamin D-2 may not be as bioavailable as vitamin D-3, but it can still increase vitamin D levels.

Fortified soy milk

About 2.9 mcg (116 IU) of vitamin D are present in one cup of fortified soy milk.

Before purchasing a brand of soy milk, it's crucial to read the label to determine whether it contains vitamin D. Little vitamin D is present in non-fortified brands.

Fortified cereals

Vitamin D is added to several types of oatmeal and breakfast cereals.

In the nutritional information of fortified cereals, vitamin D is typically listed.

Different brands of fortified cereals have different amounts of vitamin D.

The majority often have a serving size of 0.2 to 2.5 mcg (8 to 100 IU).

Fortified orange juice

Not all orange juices are vitamin D-fortified. However, fortified products may have as much as 2.5 mcg (100 IU) per serving. Vitamin D fortified juices will often state this on the box.

Fortified almond milk

Each serving of fortified almond milk has 2.4 mcg (96 IU) of vitamin D. There are numerous almond milk brands that have calcium added.

Fortified rice milk

Each serving of vitamin D-fortified rice milk has 2.4 micrograms (96 IU) of vitamin D. Additionally, some kinds of rice milk could be supplemented with vitamins A and B12. 

Vegan Vitamin D Supplements

If you follow a vegan diet, using vitamin D supplements is another way to increase your consumption of this vitamin. Make careful to do your research on a company before purchasing a supplement because not all vitamin D supplements are suitable for vegans.

You should take vitamin D tablets after a meal to improve absorption.

Foods heavy in fat, such as avocados, nuts, and seeds, are especially beneficial for boosting your body's absorption of vitamin D.

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