What Is The Inflatable Christmas Toy You Are Looking For?

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The inflatable Christmas toy we prepared for you will make your house or backyard more distinctive.

  The inflatable Christmas toy we prepared for you will make your house or backyard more distinctive.

  Lovely stars and colorful decorations adorn this huge Christmas tree, so it can quickly attract the attention of children and guests. The tree is made of high-quality 190T polyester, with long service life and durability. The built-in LED light can be lit at night. No need to install, just plug in the adapter, and the snowman will expand quickly. In addition, the internal sandbag ensures a certain stability. To prevent the snowman from being blown away or tipped over, you can use ropes and studs to better fix it on the ground. Come and use it to decorate your house and yard!

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  High quality 190T polyester fabric, durable and long service life

  Lightweight design makes it easy to carry to the destination

  Built-in energy-saving LED lights to light up at night

  Automatic inflation design is easy to use

  Open the zipper and quickly deflate

  Internal sandbag improves stability

  Ropes and ground nails can help you fix it in any desired position

  Simple installation steps will save you time

  The compact size makes it take up less space

  The cute appearance can quickly attract the attention of children and guests

  Main features

  ●Create a Christmas atmosphere: This inflatable Christmas tree is 6 feet high, which is obvious both indoors and outdoors. Realistic shapes can quickly attract the attention of guests and children. Therefore, this huge inflatable tree is ideal for Christmas decorations and can create a strong Christmas atmosphere.

  ●Quickly inflate and deflate: This Christmas tree has an automatic inflation design and is easy to use. After power-on, it will automatically expand immediately and be presented to your family and neighbors within a few seconds. After use, you can unplug the socket and open the bottom zipper to release air quickly!

  ●Durable material and stable design: The snowman is made of high-quality 190T polyester fiber, which has high durability and long service life. In addition, a built-in sandbag with a certain weight is difficult to blow away or move. Ropes and ground nails can help you fix our big tree wherever you need it.

  ●LED lights and waterproof fans: The built-in LED lights will light up at night, which makes our colorful Christmas tree a perfect decoration in the courtyard. In addition, the waterproof fan has strong weather resistance and can be used indoors and outdoors throughout the year.

  ●Lightweight and easy to store: The lightweight design allows you to take it to the outdoor courtyard. The compact size does not take up much space. After deflating, you can roll it up and store it in a cabinet or corner for next use.