Madden 20 Fan Appreciation As part of the "Ultimate Team" model, they launched 10 different missions. Every week players will receive a new set of missions. The focus of the first week is on the challenges of paying tribute to video games. These challenges have been helping many people place orders, maintain social distance and stay sane during isolation.

10 challenge missions is equivalent to 10 mini games, you need to perform specific missions. This includes getting MUT Coins, passing, rushing to touch the ground, or winning the game. In addition to the main goals, there are some incidental goals to win additional championships. Each Madden 20 fan participates in the challenge with a total score of five stars. If you can complete each task with two reward goals with the highest difficulty (three stars), the total is 50.

The reward includes 850 coins for each challenge based on the number of stars earned. In addition, there are milestone goals. In the 35 star game, you will get 87 OVR NAT theme builder 2 players for your team to use or sell. 75 stars, you will get 90 OVER NAT Theme Builders 2 player. If you get 120 stars in this promotion, you will get 99 OVR NAT gold ticket players.

Ultimate Team Store also provides new Madden 20 Fan Appreciation sets and bundles. The price of these packages is 50,000 Madden or 500 points (approximately $ 4.99). Inside is an 86+ OVR Draft player, an 86+ OVR Ultimate Legends player and an 86+ OVR Elite player. Each customer can only have up to five.

Fan Appreciation packages are also available, but only contain 2200 Madden points. This means spending real dollars. The bundle includes the above five packages. As part of the new store ’s products, each customer can only have up to two.

Will you spend hard-earned cash or crazy coins on new projects? If you have some hesitation, you can consider Buy Madden Coins from the store, which will save you a sum of money. The main thing is that you do n’t have to spend too much time.