How Planting Wildflowers Can Be Beneficial For A Golf Course

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The wildflower mix is one flowering plant species many incorporate on their golf course.

Adding flowering plants to golf courses is a strategic way of inviting beneficial insects to the property. These insects can help in pest control, as they will destroy golf course pests. Planting flowering plants on golf courses also aid in pollination. The wildflower mix is one flowering plant species many incorporate on their golf course.

Benefits Of Planting Wildflowers On Golf Courses

Planting wildflowers on golf courses offer several benefits. In fact, recently, many golf courses have flowering plants like wildflowers in their out-of-play areas. This provides benefits such as:

  • Aesthetic Value
  • Pollination
  • Pest Control
  • Erosion control
  • Reduced Maintenance Input and Costs

Aesthetic Value

Wildflowers are always colorful and attractive. However, depending on the species planted they have varying colors, height, texture and seasonality. When these beauties are grown on the out-of-play areas of golf courses, they add color to the area. However, the wildflower seed mix must be carefully selected and well arranged. If this is done properly, it helps to improve the aesthetic value of the property.


Colorful flowering plants automatically attract pollinating insects to the area. The same is achieved when a wildflower mix is planted on golf courses, as they are also colorful flowers. These insects come to the out-of-play areas and help plants pollinate. 

Pest Control

Not only do flowering plants attract pollinating agents, but they also attract helpful insects and animals that can destroy golf course pests. These insects and animals eat these golf course pests, making the golf course pest free.

Erosion Control

Another benefit of planting wildflowers on a golf course is to control erosion. When wildflowers are planted in clusters, they can help break up the speed of water movement. The slower water moves on the earth, the less force it has. This ensures that the soil in the area is not washed off, thereby helping control erosion on the golf course.

Reduced Maintenance Input and Cost

Wildflower plants help control pests, erosion, and other conditions that expose the golf course to more damage. This helps owners maintain their golf course seamlessly. It also helps them save some good money, as they don’t have to spend much on erosion control, drainage, and even pest control.

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