How to open Snap without the other person"s knowledge

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Do you have a friend or significant other that you are interested in? Maybe you want to know what they do when they're not around. If so, you need to learn how to open Snapchat without the person knowing.

How to open Snap without the other person"s knowledge. Is it even possible? Yes! There is a way. One way. It"s hard to achieve because Snapchat sends a Snap view signal as soon as you open it. It doesn"t wait for you to finish viewing or close the snapshot. As soon as you click on an image to open it, Snapchat sends a signal to tell the other user that you have opened their photo.

To open a snapshot without the other user knowing, follow these simple instructions.

First, launch the Snapchat app and swipe to the right to go to the chat page. You must open the app in order for the sent snapshot to be uploaded.

Do not open the snapshot yet. Swipe down on the notification bar and turn on air mode. Wait a few seconds to make sure that all network connections are disabled. Now open the snapshot you want to view.

After viewing, close the app and go to your device settings. Under Apps Snapchat, select Uninstall.

Now that the app has been uninstalled, you can turn off airplane mode on your device. Now download the app from the App Store (Android | iOS) and log in with your credentials.

You should see that the snapshot you were viewing offline is still marked as unread.

Yes, seeing one snapshot without letting another person know is too complicated. Still, if it"s important to you, this is how to see snapchat messages without opening them because other methods can no longer fool Snapchat"s artificial intelligence. And even if there are some ways, I am sure that all these methods will imply a certain type of fraud for which you can be held liable before the law because of the violation of confidential information and personal boundaries. So I strongly recommend you to avoid such not entirely legal ways.