Make Book Publicity Do More for You

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Publicity campaigns help authors promote their books around the time of publication and launch. But book marketing services have long-term benefits that pay off in many ways. You may enjoy the benefits of your publicity campaign years later as you're called by the media, invited to give speeches, and regarded as an esteemed expert in your field. Experts advise you to actively seek the media's attention and event invitations. Other authors want them also, and keeping yourself on people's minds is imperative. Consider your book PR campaign the start of something ongoing.

Media coverage lives forever on the internet and can appear in search results. Therefore, it's wise to post links to articles and videos (interviews) on your website and social media. They'll appear elsewhere also, and the combination will keep them paying dividends for years to come. It's one of the reasons why seeking traditional media coverage still matters, even though their audiences are shrinking. The online afterlife of the coverage is significant, and many more people will read and watch it over time. People are also favorably impressed by TV coverage and media articles, so your stature will increase.

Today it's a requirement for authors to have websites (it's been several years since having one was a choice), and a media page or pages works well. You can showcase your coverage and link to it. When editors or producers consider covering or asking you to comment on a news story, they'll often check your site first. Their confidence in including you increase when they see your past coverage and can check it out. Because your site and those links remain active, people can find them and watch the coverage for years to come. As you add more, the pages become more powerful.

Business founders and professional practice leaders are increasingly penning books as publicity vehicles. Earning favorable media attention grows more competitive every year, and the book can give you a natural in. The concept of thought leadership continues to gain importance in the personal publicity arena, and authors are automatic thought leaders. Being seen as someone at the top of your field attracts attention and clients in ways it's tough to do otherwise. Your book may also earn you speaking platforms; while you won't actively pitch your business, people will make the connection.