10 Motivators to Start a Construction Career

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You might not know what you want to concentrate on when you first begin the construction industry

The construction industry has a lot to offer, whether you're wanting to start a career or simply find a great job. There are numerous reasons to think about a career in construction, from the excellent pay to the wide range of specialities available. The top 10 reasons to think about a career in construction, in our opinion, are listed below. Consider these arguments carefully, then make your own decision regarding whether you should pursue a career in construction.

High pay

The income for construction work is excellent, especially if you stick with it! The starting pay for an unseasoned construction worker is comparable to that of retail, warehousing, and hospitality jobs. Construction differs from other industries in that you can make more money as you develop new abilities right away.

Great advantages

You might not be able to receive health, dental, life, or disability insurance at that restaurant or retail job. Not to mention paid time off, holidays, and sick days. These benefits will probably be included in your construction employment in addition to your normal pay. These perks likely represent a significant wage raise over the previous job you held (or the job you would otherwise be performing), even without accounting for the cost of health insurance.

Potential for advancement

The issue with, say, a fast food job is that there isn't much opportunity to advance, pick up new skills, and increase income. In other words, it's doubtful that you'll obtain a wonderful promotion and gradually increase your income. In building, it's the other way around. Promotions within construction companies are very common. The likelihood of receiving a worthwhile promotion increases with length of employment. Every promotion entails increased accountability and, yes, compensation.

High need for labor

There is an ongoing labor shortage in the construction sector. There are always more building projects than employees to complete, but not enough workers to cover the demand. That means that you will probably land a solid construction job straight away and that there will always be a demand for your skills. That results in fantastic job security!

Many different jobs and specialties

You might not know what you want to concentrate on when you first begin the construction industry. That's okay. You will be exposed to a number of different jobs and abilities needed on a construction site by working at what we refer to as an "entry level" construction job. You are then truly free to choose your own direction and concentrate on your interests.

Laterally moving

We refer to changing responsibilities within the construction industry as "lateral movement." For instance, you might do a lot of electrical work and find that HVAC interests you as well. What's fantastic is that your employment as an electrician probably exposes you to HVAC a lot. If that's what motivates you, you can use those talents to transition into an HVAC position.

There aren't many professions where this is feasible, but it is in the building industry. You can expand your horizons and use the experience you've obtained in one field to help you in another.

Almost little salary disparity

Women thinking of working in construction should be aware that there is seldom any salary inequality. Women make 99.1% of what males do in construction jobs. Should it be 100 percent? It should, of course! However, that 99.1% figure becomes much more convincing when you take into account that women in the US only make 84% of what males make on average! Women who work in the construction industry should be aware that their contributions and efforts are regarded on par with those of their male counterparts.

No student loans and fully subsidized training are offered

A college degree is not required to work in the construction sector. That means I won't have to accrue a ton of debt from student loans, which is exactly what you're probably thinking. Construction is a career where those who have made the decision not to go to college can still make a good livelihood and benefit from all the advantages of being in high demand.

There might be a fully subsidized training program in your area, which is something much better. Our 20-day construction job training course at Construction Ready will get you ready for your first construction job. You will gain the knowledge you need to get started in the industry, acquire in-demand certifications, and come into contact with your first employer. 97% of our alumni land their first construction job prior to completing the course of study.

Construction jobs are open to everyone.

No matter your age, background, or current situation, the construction industry has a place for you. At Construction Ready, we work with high school kids pursuing a career in construction, adults changing careers later in life, and those who have served time in prison seeking a new beginning. In essence, we assist everyone. And we've enjoyed witnessing workers from a variety of backgrounds succeed in their construction careers.

Personal fulfillment

The satisfaction of creating something tangible is immense. When a project is finished, you may go visit the entire building, present it to your family, and see people use it every day. You contributed to something that benefited someone else. Other people now have a place to live or work as a result of your labor.