How to enjoy a spa experience at home

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Number one step for this would be to ensure the room temperature you’re at is easy and cosy.

Are you tempted to go to the spa but too lazy to step out of the house? Why not create your own personal spa at home?

The hustle and bustle of everyday life coupled with long working days call for a relaxing spa experience. But how about you save the cost of the salon by creating an at home spa in your personal bathroom? 

For those of you wondering how to go about that, it's quite simple. All you have to do is set the scene to make sure your environment is comfortable enough to relax your senses. 

Room temperature is key

Number one step for this would be to ensure the room temperature you’re at is easy and cosy. 

Organise everything

Pick a room that has no distractions or outside noises that could interrupt the entire unwinding experience. Make sure you get rid of excessive clutter and toiletries in the room. These will distract you from clearing your mind. 

Treat yourself

Always make yourself comfortable. From soft bath maths to furry bathroom slippers, it’s the little things that create that spa touch. 

Light up some Candles

Candles can actually set the mood for creating a spa treat in the privacy of your bathroom. so light up some candles of your favourite fragrance. There are so many available to choose from. You will notice how the soft flickering light will aid you in switching off all noise and relax completely. 

Soothing fragrance is all you need

You can also make use of a scent diffuser to enjoy a soothing scent at your home spa. Fragrances are a great mood booster and ideal for enhancing the sensual spa experience. You can also keep some nice scented flowers to add some colour to the room.

Dim Lighting does the job

The right lighting can also play a huge part in the ambience of your spa. So, you could go for dim bathroom lights along with some candles to set the mood for a relaxing atmosphere.

Warm towels are a luxury

Warm towels level up the spa experience creating a luxurious vibe. Even stepping out of the shower to find yourself wrapped up in warm towels is a little treat in itself. Heat up your towels in the tumble dryer for some time or just put them on the radiator to warm up. 

Music calms the mind 

Soothing music is always a mood lifter. As you focus on the gentle beat you get to clear your mind of all worries and just live in the moment. 

Soothing bath

Take your time as you prepare your bathtub. You must not go through a rushed shower, in fact turn it into a comforting ritual by adding an element of pampering to your skincare regime. Enjoy a great soak as you let your muscles relax after a stressful day. 

There has been a rise in bath bombs and bath salts to create spa pools. These contain skincare ingredients like soaps, salts and oils, that release as they are immersed in water. 

A great body wash

Get yourself a pampering body wash like the Choco vanilla body wash by Pinksoul. This luxurious skincare product with cocoa and vanilla essences caresses your skin leaving it smooth and soft. 

Dry brushing

You can go for dry brushing for full body exfoliation. Start at the top of your feet brushing towards the heart. Don’t forget your arms and back.

It not only increases blood flow but also enhances the production of collagen which is essential for skincare. more so, it increases elasticity which lifts and tones your skin. 

Face mask

It’s always relaxing to unwind before bed with your favourite skincare mask on. However, if you don’t seem to have enough time for using a skincare mask, you can combine it with your bath time. simply toss in some Rosy glow mask by Pinksoul on your face, gently scrubbing it. It's loaded with adequate skincare ingredients for your face, neck and chest. 

Scrub your lips a bit

Pick your hydrating lip scrub and slather a thick layer over your lips. Rub it gently as the dead and chapped skin comes off. You will feel your lips come out much plumper and smoother after you shower. 

Girls if you are hesitant to go to the spa and wish to save yourselves a few bucks, you can make use of these simple tips and enjoy your very own spa at home!