What do we do if the global epidemic keeps going? Analysis: There may be three outcomes

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During this recent period, there has been a rebound of the epidemic across the country, leaving people trapped in endless panic and worry.

During this recent period,Rapid antigen self test there has been a rebound of the epidemic across the country, leaving people trapped in endless panic and worry.

Since the new crown epidemic occurred, it has completely changed people's lives while making them develop the good habit of wearing masks for daily disinfection and washing their hands regularly.

Is the New Guinea virus long-lasting?

"Long-term presence" is the norm for viruses, as Wang Chen, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in respiratory and critical care medicine, stated in an interview.

New coronaviruses are extremely transmissible and easily mutate, suggesting that they may later evade the body's specific immune action and cause disease on a continuous basis or chronic disease, such as the common influenza virus, hepatitis C virus and the new coronavirus causing human immunodeficiency virus, which can also persist for a long time by the same mechanism.

The pathogenesis of neocoronavirus infections is not completely cleared up to now, and there are no specific drugs for treatment. Although the neocoronavirus vaccine has been widely used, its protection period is not yet clear, and it will take a long time to establish the whole herd immunity bottle.

The international epidemic is still very serious, and it will take at least 70% of the overall immunity of the population before the epidemic is gradually stabilized, and it may take longer to completely eliminate the virus.

What is the scary thing about the new coronavirus?

The scary thing about the new coronavirus is its ability to mutate quickly

Omikron may be just a passerby, and the next mutated virus to cause an outbreak is not yet known.

Hundreds of viral variants have been found in patients who survived 335 days after infection, and these viruses keep repeating themselves, and if they are infected each time the viral strain is different, the symptoms are different and different treatment is needed.

There is no viral evidence to prove that Omicron is the last battle of the new coronavirus and may disappear in the future or co-exist with influenza, which has now been confirmed and does not undergo human infectivity as well as pathogenic mutations.

The second scary aspect of the new coronavirus is that different populations are infecting each other

The new coronavirus will infect each other, and in the process, it will mutate and then infect more humans.

Hamsters, rats, bats, cats, dogs, mink, muskoxen and tigers have been diagnosed, and rabbits, migratory birds, fish and reptiles are highly suspected.

This infection between different populations is the scariest, and the strains of the virus are mutating faster and becoming stranger.

The third scary aspect of the new coronavirus is that it is extremely contagious

Omikjon infected people have no symptoms, even if they wear a mask and walk on the outdoor road, if 20 minutes later other people pass in the place, it may also lead to infection, like some cold chain food imported from abroad, often with positive virus on it, in fact, also has a certain degree of contagiousness.

When one person in a building is positive, other residents in the building may also be infected because the virus can be transmitted through windows, corridors, toilets, sewers, air, etc.

What should we do if the global outbreak continues? Analysis: There are three possible outcomes

"Long-term presence" is the norm for the virus, Wang Chen, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in respiratory and critical care medicine, said in an interview.

New Coronavirus may gradually become chronic, it is like the flu on people's bodies for a long time, over time, the virus may gradually disappear or co-exist with humans this, ultimately depends on the characteristics of the virus.

New Coronavirus it is a cunning fox, very unstable, in the process of transmission, can be infected through any medium, it is said that nowadays he has a low fatal rate, leading to the emergence of many asymptomatic infected people, his chain of transmission is still extremely wide, and therefore exists among people for a long time.

What should we do if the global epidemic continues?

According to medical experts findings show that when the New Coronavirus splits more easily in cold weather, its growth rate will be faster, which means that the colder the weather, the more rampant the New Coronavirus pneumonia will become.

When the new coronavirus will end, academician Zhong Nanshan also gave the corresponding conclusion, if the global epidemic continues, people will gradually open to the outside world under the condition of dynamic clearing.

Medical institutions and leading cadres across the country need to improve the knowledge and belief of epidemic prevention for all people, and do a good job of overall disinfection of public places, gradually pushing the spread of the epidemic to zero dynamic.

The epidemic is developing, it interferes with people's daily lives to varying degrees, and as the economy continues to progress, despite the major struggle with him between these two years, so how can we make humans fight the virus?

In the days when the new coronavirus has not disappeared at all, we should first do our own protection and personal hygiene, always wear a good mask when going out, get vaccinated regularly and complete nucleic acid testing.

Once the virus infection or serious discomfort is detected, it is recommended that you should go to a regular hospital for relevant examinations and be prepared for a long-term battle.

Analysis: There may be three outcomes

The first outcome: the spread of the virus is completely controlled and no longer spreads

The new crown pneumonia is more cunning compared with the original SARS virus, and this epidemic consumes the entire government's material and financial resources.

When we faced the SARS epidemic in 2003, the family made the first protection, disinfected all public areas, required each person to wear a mask, washed their hands in time, maintained good personal hygiene, and avoided parties and gatherings.

It is clear from this fight against the epidemic that public health interventions were able to successfully control the spread of the virus by cutting off the source of infection and blocking the transmission route.

The second ending: the future of the new crown epidemic becomes endemic

Epidemiologists have indicated that the disease may be present in certain areas, just as influenza is present in people, but there is no effective consensus on this issue.

According to this broad definition, endemic does not mean that a disease is rare and common, but can be mild or severe.

The third outcome: human immunity improves and the virus coexists

The New Coronavirus will gradually weaken, as in the case of the Spanish pandemic, which at first was so powerful that 1/3 of the world's population was infected, with a mortality rate of more than 2.5%, but time was the best time for a vaccine to become available.

As time went on, this flu did not disappear, but caused its mortality rate to be less than 0.1%, and the virus and humans were almost coexisting peacefully.

Influenza virus it is like a seasonal disease, the prevention capacity continues to improve the quality of medical care, the change of life patterns and immune capacity continues to strengthen,the virus may not be so strong to kill and cause a gradual reduction in mortality.


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