Sustainability in Facility Management

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Sustainability in facility management is a concept that involves the maintenance of physical buildings and the surrounding lands so that they are in good condition and fully accessible to the public. Sustainable is a continuous process that involves applying strategies to reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, and increase recycling at each stage of its life cycle.

Sustainability in facility management means using utility resources as much as possible to minimize environmental impact, still providing a service that meets the needs of the organization. Sustainability in facility management is an important issue for many organizations. This requires a new skill set based on sustainability, energy efficiency and a deeper understanding of the environment. Sustainability in facilities management integrates environmental, economic and social goals to create a sustainable future for the organization and its employees.

The world's environmental challenges are often rooted in the physical processes of how we use and produce energy, raw materials and products. This is why sustainability is so important in facility management.

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