PVC Expansion Sheet Has Good Moisture Resistance

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PVC has the form of foam, solid, embossed, and aluminum clad.

PVC has the form of foam, solid, embossed and aluminum clad. Some of the advantages of PVC include: it can be used for printing and painting, flame retardancy, impact resistance, easy manufacturing, rigidity, moisture resistance and excellent outdoor weather resistance. Applications of PVC Expansion Sheet include: POP displays, advertising signs, outdoor signs, construction, fixtures, marine applications and components in OEM manufacturing.

The foam board made of rigid PVC has a matt surface with closed cells. The foamed PVC board has a regular fine-cell foam structure and is light in weight. They conduct very little heat and therefore provide excellent insulation. Expanded PVC is suitable for printing, painting and varnishing, and can be easily and economically processed with conventional tools. Because of their hard and sturdy structure, they can be drilled and tightened without cracking. Due to its weather resistance, white foamed PVC sheets can be used for outdoor applications. They are particularly suitable for the advertising industry-for signs, displays and booths. Expanded PVC panels have passed UL94-V0 certification and are classified as "low flammability". Favorable size means that waste can be minimized.

Solid PVC board not only has many advantages of foamed PVC, but also has greater rigidity, impact resistance and rigidity. Solid PVC will not break as easily as foamed PVC and has higher flame retardancy. Compared with foam PVC, it is more suitable for outdoor and structural requirements, and its painting and dyeing are also similar to foam PVC.

Embossed PVC and aluminum-clad PVC are newer products with better aesthetics, higher performance and greater use in construction applications. PVC that has been embossed to look like wood can be painted and dyed, but is far more resistant to elements and insects than Wood Grain Board. Aluminum-clad PVC is combined with enamel and baked, which is easy to decorate, light in weight and good in structural integrity. Both can be easily manufactured using standard woodworking tools.